'Windmill': A Novel

Rob Bignell’s Stunning Debut Novel

What Carl Steinar remembered most was the thick and spoked blood, splattered across the car’s windshield as if a child’s painting of a red sun. At first, the young farmer simply did not register the finality inherent when a car and truck are crushed to half their lengths upon a crossroads breaching the prairie’s great open spaces. He still believed there was a chance she might be alive despite the tightening of his stomach as he pushed past the state trooper.

For fifteen years, Carl Steinar and his sons, Peter and Lyle, have maintained a tenuous balance, keeping together their family and farm on the western plains of Nebraska. Like blades in a well-oiled windmill, each works in harmony with the other. But when Abbie Blaire, the new reporter in town comes to write a story about them, a monkey wrench is thrown into their perfect machine: She is the spitting image of the wife and mother the Steinar men lost years ago. They soon find themselves on new trajectories in which their needs and goals can only collide.

Windmill author Rob Bignell is a long-time lover and reader of books. Holding a master’s degree in English, for eight years Bignell taught poetry and writing. He’s the award-winning author of several works of journalism and the author of two non-fiction books. Currently, he owns and runs Inventing Reality Editing Service, which handles fiction and nonfiction manuscripts.


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