Short Stories by Rob Bignell

Here's a collection of books I've either written or in which my short stories and essays have appeared.


"Infradead: Tales of Human Extinction" ed. by Tyree Campbell (Oct. 2010)

My short story "I Hold the World but as the World" appears in this collection of apocalyptic fiction printed by Sam's Dot Publishing. When two time travelers visit the Triassic, they discover an intelligent species is already there ... and must determine what threat this may be to humanity. The anthology was released in October 2010.



"Aphelion: The Webzine of Science Fiction and Fantasy" (Dec. 2006)

My short story "Boundaries" appears in this online magazine. Nine explorers at the distant Tombaugh Research Station on Pluto face the ultimate crisis when their fusion reactor is about to go critical. Read this story.


"Artisan: A Journal of Craft" (Winter 1999)

My short story "Dark Secrets" appears in this magazine. When an alien appears on a remote human outpost, he threatens to reveal a dark secret that could mean the end of Raphael and his special love, Addie.


"Anthology" (July-Aug. 1999)

My short story "All or Nothing" appers in this magazine. When her father, the great pilot T'sohg dies, the adolescent girl Nevar must race the family's ship around a black hole.